Function over form

But a lot of form too

Modern meets industrial. The inspiration for this design came from the masters of the Modernist Era. Through the use of clean, straight lines, raw natural texture, and the modernist idea of “machine-like simplicity, smoothness of surface, avoidance of ornament”, your kitchen will, in addition to being highly functional, transform in a work of art.

A Monochromatic colour scheme of crisp white countertops, a slick grey backsplash and black upper cabinets allow the cerused finish of the lower wooden cabinetry to stand out in full glory. The craftsmanship will be apparent in the bookmatched Adler lower cabinetry. By utilizing its beautiful grain horizontally, it will give the space a sense of flow. Flooring of simple, natural maple will help convey the minimalist elegance of the kitchen and adjoining rooms.

Modernist function over form

Your kitchen, first and foremost, has been designed with function and ease of use in mind. A large centre island helps separate the cooking work area from the passing traffic from the hall, dining room and backdoor. For your pleasure, a bar area has been designed next to the dining room passage, complete with seating and a wine fridge.

Long, deep drawers, along with tall cabinetry will be completed with specialized interior fittings. This will allow the space to stay organized, with everything always at your fingertips.

Specialized task lighting under all cabinetry will allow for the ease of all counter top tasks. For the rest of the space, strategically placed omni-directional recessed lights will ensure that there will always be light where and when you need it.