An error has occurred...

A Junior K & B designer has made an error in the cabinet order for a client.
The cabinets arrived in a different colour. There is no possibility to return the
product to the manufacture in the United States. The company will have to
incur the cost for the error, reorder the product correctly and make sure there
is a better quality check for orders placed for the future.

Opportunity for business to make-up for the loss of revenue:

A new client is interested in cabinets like the ones that were incorrectly ordered. The owner has asked the junior designer to find a way to reuse the surplus stock for this client.

The junior designer is going to have to:

  • Take a creative approach to fit this cabinet list into this new space
  • Have a positive attitude towards this challenge to please her boss
  • Be exceptionally good at persuading the client on his/her design
  • If the designer is successful, both parties are going to be happy. Especially the owner who has lost money due to the original error.