Unique and Social

The Hood is a Bombshell - Literally

A playful yet elegant space, your kitchen will feature dark grey cabinetry contrasting the sage green island.

Plenty of workspace allows for the whole family to get involved with cooking and baking. A balance of drawers, cabinets, and clever cabinet inserts creates maximum storage and helps make each and every kitchen task a breeze.

The lounge inspired rounded banquette adds a bit of casual fun to the kitchen, bringing together friends and family to sit and relax, still being at the heart of the action!

Your flea market treasures have been proudly incorporated into the design or your new kitchen. The china hutch finds new life integrated as open shelving above the main sink and the old base, with its carved door breaking the monotony of repeating cabinetry. Crowning the island, the bomb casing integrates with the spectacular range hood; creating the illusion of a rocket taking off. This fun feature stands out beautifully as a conversation piece without equal, making your kitchen like no other.