Classic and Unorthodox

A Bathroom with Character

This bathroom is designed especially to suit your tastes, hearkening back to the juxtaposition of industrial power and Victorian splendour you admired during your trip to London.

The design is defined by its unorthodox design choices: leaded style window dividers, a modernist volcanic limestone tub, exposed brick, and arabesque towels complement Old-World antiques all repurposed in unexpected ways to create a comfortable, luxurious, and interesting intimate space.

The large divided space – divided by repurposed shutters – allows for easy use by two people, creating a healthy flow in the room and making morning preparations less like jostling for a seat on the Tube and more like a leisurely stroll through Hyde Park.  The tub is specially constructed to retain heat, allowing for luxurious baths while giving a stark modernist accent to the room’s eclectic style.  The trough sink is reminiscent of Victorian London’s less refined industrial past, paired with the delegate and ornate pieces, such as the Tudor-inspired sideboard – that were often found in the homes of different British classes.

You spoke of your desire to be trendsetters, and your open-mindedness allowed me to go in new and unique directions while creating an eclectic, intimate space that you’ll enjoy.  Eclectic spaces are difficult because they have to reflect their users else they look out of place.  With your support, I’ve created a space that will make you want to ignore the rest of your house and just spend time on the loo.